Goddess Charleyuk

  • Age:
  • Location: London, UK
  • Height: 5'7
  • Bra Size: 34 GG
  • Dress Size: 8
  • Shoe Size: 6

Hey Losers! Now lets get straight to the Point My Names Godess Charley so dont mistake me for anything less than your Godess, Im a Model, TV Babe and now im your Number 1.

I love being spoiled and i love you pathetic guys to watch me Smoke, Worship My Feet, wait on me Hand and Foot, finacial Domination to name but a few.

Get signing up right now Dorks to start spoiling me rotten.

Goddess Charley x

Diary and Updates

Mar 18
Mar 05

Get following my new account for all you little piggy bank losers out there @goddesscharley

Feb 25

My breasts make you feel small and weak. Weak losers pay. Do it now and thank me for it.

Feb 18

I just wanted to say I had so much fun on my relaxing break away in Spain which all you losers paid for now you best start saving for my next one which I'm planning for my birthday on march 24th so get working your pathetic arses off and sending me more tributes! I may even FaceTime a few of you and do you a custom clip if your very lucky!

Jan 30

Right you worthless losers!

I'm going on my holidays on 7th and I'm thinking as I've spent to much on my sexy clothes and heels you should be sending me some tributes for my spending money!

Jan 21

i'm now all tucked up in my bed and thinking i can't wait to beep you fucking losers tomorrow when i'm filming clips for you to get addicted to me!

remember don't forget to go send me some tributes i want a new car and if i get what i want i'll give you what you want!

Jan 04

Right you little pricks

I'm going to be doing a day of clips next Tuesday so if any of you wasters are wanting videos of my perfect self you best get them squeaky little wallets of yours opened and do it fast!

Buy a personalised clip here

Dec 22

got one of my beeps over to give my sexy feet a massage if you think your worthy send me a tribute no less than $200 for you to get the pleasure of massageing my feet

Dec 11

Im shooting more clips of myself this Thursday and i suspecting all you insignificant low lives will be most excited about buying my clips and sending me tributes towards my christmas funds as i want to have a nice long holiday over the christmas period so get out them cards Pigs or this will be the last set of clips i will be doing for you!!!

Dec 07

Keep those tributes coming in freaks :)

Nov 13

You're gonna pay for my car Bitches!!!

Sep 04

NEW items added to my store. Splurge your money on a high maintenance, superior BITCH!!!

Sep 04

You lot are useless and a Waste of Space im still yet to recieve my video camera to do videos for all you worthless losers!!!

Untill i do im not wasting any more time on any of you!!

Sep 01

Hey Loser Pigs

Im yet to recieve my Video Camera from any of you Losers so obviously you are not wanting private video Content!!!!

I think you are all very pathetic waste of space ass holes at the minute!!! I hope your not expecting me to buy my own video camera to make videos for you wasters!!!!!! Im a Godess dont forget this!!!

Get your Pockets open and stop walking around squeking and being freeloaders i want my camera now and if you dont send it to me im going to ignore you all because your just wasting my time!!!

Godess Charley

Aug 22

Hello Pigs
I would like to let you all know that im in need of a video camera to make all you little sad losers videos to Dpwload so i can make lots more money from you all i may even do Personalised Private ones if you Extremely Lucky and you Pay me Enough.

So come on get buying ill put one on my wish List now and i expect it very soon to be delivered.

Dont keep me waiting!!!