Goddess Danielleuk

  • Age:
  • Location: London, UK
  • Height: 5'6
  • Bra Size: 34 E
  • Dress Size: 10
  • Shoe Size: 5

This is the luckiest day of your pathetic existence... I am Dannii Harwood (Goddess Danielle to you) you may know me from Playboy and Red Light Central TV.

I have joined Glam Worship to allow all the worshippers who have followed me from a far, to contact Me, to serve Me and to be completely controlled by Me. I adore dominating, humiliating and using losers like you, so pull out your wallet, credit cards and beg to give everything to Me. From now on, you will pay for My dates, lingerie, bills (and whatever else I wish!) whilst you sit at home drooling over My photos and video clips, waiting for the next time you can see My perfection. Watch Me laugh at you, whilst you grovel for My attention.

You cannot stop this addiction!

Goddess Danielle x

Diary and Updates

May 05

TRIBUTE $50 whilst I sunbathe! #losers

Apr 03

my new live-in beep darren!

Dec 31

Out with Miss Lucy Zara!

Oct 03

May 04

How good do me and Mistress Lucy look?

Apr 19

Pic from my cam last night! Join me every wednesday night!

Apr 15

Hey losers im on webcam right now if you need me to take your money!!!

my webcam will be on every wednesday evening 9pm til 11pm UK time (GMT+1) be there or miss out!! if you havent got the cash dont bother loggin on (unless you have credit on cards etc....)

Apr 10

Hey losers! Look what some mystery dork has just bought me!!! An £825 pair of Louboutins! Keep the gifts coming freaks!!!

Nov 02

Me and My Chaffeur...

Oct 22

Keep posting those keys losers! I want 100 of you cucks in chastity by Christmas!!!!

Sep 30

i am going on euro tour with playboy, boys! (or should i say beeps!!!) oh, how i know you all want to be a beep to a playboy model, don't you, losers?? well you better outperform all the others and spend spend spend for my attention!!! i bet all of you would beg just to rub my feet after i've been walking around in my stilettos all night at another posh event. lol...

i will be going off tomorrow morning to belgium for the first stop on tour! who wants a picture of me and kate darcy??? pay up, pigs!!!

update: here's a pic for you losers!!!

Sep 21

i thought i would take a few minutes and let you losers know how much fun i had humiliating losers at my last webcam event in miami! sooo much fun! and why?? because i made sooo much money off you losers!!!

and let me hear a special "oink" from the crowd for beep harry for paying up the most into my bank account!! good little bitch you are! hahaha!!!!

all in all, i made a lovely sum of close to 2000 in a little over 2 hours time! ha! now that's how i like it! and i even had a beep there to beat on when i got bored and made him give me even more money!! lol!

i love being me. it's great to be a goddess. and i think if you losers turn up in droves and throw money at my feet like this from now on, i will be doing these camshows on a regular basis!! in hd next time... ;)

and for the beeps that didnt buy a ticket for my cam event (losers!!!!!) here is a pic from miami

- goddess danielle

Sep 06

beeps!!! if u havent done so already, go sign up now for my upcoming cam show this thursday evening live from miami, florida during my trip to the us! i will be dominating a beep live for your viewing pleasure! lol! send in your requests during the show! (or before- if you've already bought a ticket!!)

for more info go to: www.glamworship.com/events

Jul 25

On cam now with Mistress Lucy !!

Jul 15

ok, beeps!!! i am announcing a chance for all of you losers to watch me domme 2 beeps online live! it will be taking place this upcoming wednesday!

this will be perfect for all you weak, pathetic beeps that want to see what its like to be dominated by me, goddess danielle harwood, but are too scared to actually show up in person and throw yourself at my feet!

go here for more details on how to sign up to watch, beep!: http://www.glamworship.com/goddess-danielle-and-2-beeps

if you want to come along and serve at my feet, email admin@glamworship.com