Princess Ellie Idolusa

  • Age:
  • Location: Seattle, WA
  • Height: 5'4"
  • Bra Size: 32C
  • Dress Size: 4
  • Shoe Size: 8

They say a sucker is born every day, and I believe it! Weak, subservient boys like you come crawling on hands and knees to confident, attractive alpha females like us!

Sensually manipulating your weak, puny little pea brain to do exactly as I ask! I want you obedient and ready to serve like a mindless puppet! I control your cock and your money! So do as I say and fork over that wallet. There is no turning back now...

Give yourself over to me, I will have you weak on your knees begging for release! Depending on my mood, I may give you the right to cum but not without the price of having to lick it all up like some cum hungry slut! Other days I may just deny you completely. Remember the saying "It's a priviledge, not a right"? Well that applies here. You follow my commands, MY rules. That said, other days I can be as sweet as candy and erotically tease your little pecker with my smokin' hot bod, giving in to your addiction. 3,2,1, cum for Ellie, no tricks, no gimmicks. Pure pleasure!

Ever since I can remember, I've been bratty and independent. I've been using and abusing the boys, making them do as I ask, spoiling me without any hopes of something in return. I've flown all across the country and stayed in nice hotels without spending a cent of my own money! I've had boys willingly dress up as sissies before I even know what sissification WAS. I think I was born with the ability to get into boys' heads, without ever leaving, stuck in their minds from now until the end.

So buy my videos! Buy me gifts! SPOIL ME. Dedicate your life to servitude. You're mine now, but not without a price!

Princess Ellie Idol x

Diary and Updates

Sep 01

hey wankers!

i'm finally getting cozy here on glamworship.com. i have ftp access now, so i am able to upload my clips for you to purchase. finally! i will slowly be adding more as i get around to it. i'm starting with my oldest clips and working my way to the new. i just had a birthday and a lot of you made sure to tribute in either the form of a gift or in cash. this is what i like to see from the devoted. i love to see you beep away just to ensure i have a smile on my face.

i leave you with a picture to remind you of where you belong....

...under me!

Aug 16

You can show you truly worship me by stopping by my wish list (www.spoilellie.com) and picking out something extra special, just for me! Pro tip: I love shoes, games, costumes and Game of Thrones.

Aug 16

A little teaser for you guys! Enjoy!