Kandi Kayuk

  • Age:
  • Location: Lancashire, UK
  • Height: 5'4
  • Bra Size: 30 F
  • Dress Size: 8
  • Shoe Size: 4

hello and welcome to my profile page. my name is kandi kay and lets get one thing straight, i am so far out of your league and i am here to use you and lead you into a life of total servitude.

i humiliate men like you for fun and will brainwash you into living life purely for my entertainment.

i am a spoilt brat and i love to indulge in the finer things in life, luxurious holidays, designer clothes, expensive shoes and glamourous lingerie and stockings. you are going to fund this lifestyle for me because i deserve it. you need to give me money and need to work a second job for me!

you should consider yourself lucky that i am on glam worship to turn you into a beep and to drain you of your hard earned cash, so get down on your knees, get your plastic out dork and get ready to pay!

kandi kay x

Diary and Updates

Apr 01

Pay your LOSER TAX bitches! Why? Because Im better than you.


Mar 02

#afternoon #filth #silk #panties #stockings #wanking #online #naughty #tits #worshipme

Feb 20

What do you think of my boots losers?!