Lolly Lovewelluk

  • Age:
  • Location: London, UK
  • Height: 5'4
  • Bra Size: 32 DD
  • Dress Size: 6
  • Shoe Size: 5

HERE I AM. LOLLY LOVEWELL has arrived and im here to be worshipped from my sexy, gorgeous long blonde hair down to my toes

i love humiliating pieces of shit like yourself. BUT what i love the most is YOUR MONEY and i am here to take it...every last penny!!

Shoes and sexy lingerie make me happy so do YOUR JOB and make me happy...NOW!!!i love humilating sad losers like you, you are there to be dominated and that's exactly what i intend to do! You are my bitch that i now OWN...yes that's right OWN. so whats yours is now mine!! i hope you have your credit cards handy because my wish list is above to your right >>>

Now my lil money whore.. GET SPENDING!!!

Lolly Lovewell x

Diary and Updates

Dec 09

Worship my perfect ass LOSERS!!!!!

Dec 04

Lick my brush bitches!

Oct 03

Jul 27

whos ready for sissy boy dress up time????

Feb 09

what a surprise..beeppig being a time waster as usual! note to all princess's time waster alert

Feb 08

losers its my birthday this week so best you get tributing and buying me presents off my wishlist... lolly needs presents NOW!!!!

Feb 03

Jan 20

every1 mark sullivan is an absolute cunt! tells you he is buying u amazon giftcards then cancels them as soon as you recieve them!!
total loser alert!!!

Jan 17

2012 has arrived and i am brattier than ever
this bratty princess knows that you must of got christmas money so i expect every single one of ur maggot dicks to give it to me!
this year i am looking for a special beep to worship me everyday and be my very own personal bitch ...so come on losers ..the competition has started...best u get paying oink oink lil piggys
princess lolly

Dec 16

oi beeps make sure u worship me and buy my 2012 calendar .... payments via ebay and via tributes can be arranged!!!
message me for details now

Dec 10

keep voting for the brattiest princess to win the domme of 2011 :) PRINCESS LOLLY

Dec 04

beeppig is the sissiest loser of them all. he has a tiny cock and he doent satisfy me with money or satisfy his wife in the bedroom.he moans constantly and ios boring to talk to
he is a time waster and all princess's should avoid him

Dec 04

beeppig4 is a shit beep!!!!

Nov 13

a good beep paid me $200 today like a beep should...atm4miss u loser :) keep worshipping me and being my money pig...oink oink

Nov 10

hahahaha what a pathetic pay pig ...beeppig is....
i have wallet raped him the last 2days of over $300...
thats a nice pair of shoes a princccess deserves....but i most defiently am not finished with him yet!!!!!