Princess Samanthauk

  • Age:
  • Location: London, UK
  • Height: 5'8
  • Bra Size: 34 E
  • Dress Size: 10
  • Shoe Size: 6

I am Princess Samantha. Your Goddess. Your Mistress. Your Idol. I am what you crave; what that part of you that you keep hidden from your family and your friends longs to worship. The secret little part of your soul you push down deep inside yourself that gnaws at you, that won't stay silent. That has brought you here, now. The constant voice that tells you what you really are and what you must inevitably give in to being: my pig, my filthy payslut. It's time to give in to that need, to listen to that whisper from your dark depraved corner and let it take you over, to fall on your knees before perfection and worship me. You will thank me as I humiliate you, I will take from you and you will beg to give me more. You will want to know every aspect of my life, hear every detail of my dates with the real men who satisfy me as you never could, obsess about my soft smooth skin, my perfect curves, my hypnotic breasts . In short, your filthy dark desires will consume you and feed my appetite to dominate you as you have never been dominated before. So soon now, so very soon, you will be gazing at me, hearing my voice, listening to me as I order you to do what we both know you are desperate to do: release those hidden desires and let me show you how far they can take you, what you can truly be with my expertise leading you on the path to perverted pleasure and pain.

Before you contact me, however, you need to be sure that you are ready and that you understand what contacting me means: it means that you are ready to talk to me with the respect due to a Princess of domination, that you follow MY rules and conform to MY expectations. I do not tolerate those who waste my time, and, let us be very clear about this, I will not give you what you crave for free. If you need me (and we know you do, don't we?), then you need money. Understand that I have been dealing with submissive losers for years, countless sad little men whose desperation has made them to attempt to trick me, and they have all failed. If I even suspect that you are a timewaster, and I WILL know, you will be barred from my presence forever. The way to worship is clear: pay, watch my verify video, and give me your soul. Your new life is waiting for you. It is time.

Serve me, submit to me ….

Princess Samantha x

Diary and Updates

Oct 31

Hi Bitch boys, pay pigs and worshippers .

I am online this saturday!

Sep 27

I'm on webcam late sunday night .... catch up with me this weekend . Lay your little souls and money at my feet so I can vacuum them up . Little bitch boys and spend whores !

Aug 14

look at this pathetic whipped pussy

Jul 20

i'm on webcam this sunday morning - do not miss me my little beep boys ....

Jul 09

Im on Cam this Thursday - check my schedule for precise times. Hot new blog here http://madamsamantha87.livejournal.com/78410.html

Jun 20

the amount of messages i read and know they are time wasting , hence no reply . but every now and then i look at my little bitch boy "bitch-tits" and see how devout he really is. dropping everything for me at work and beeping the municiple washing up brush deep in to his arse. his little toy at work, if only they knew what he was doing in there , the pain junkie !

May 12

hi i'm filming custom clips on the 16th may get your orders in via glamworship ! also i am looking for a webbeep .... ! get in touch

Apr 01

real time beeps needed for 5th april. in redhill , surrey . deposit secures place. contact me for details. no timewasters

Mar 24

hi wimps, pay pigs and jerk addicts,

so i will be on webcam monday briefly and available for facetime so don't forget to book your sessions with me. i am also looking for real time beeps monday 5th april 4-7pm (slots differ) tribute secures place. this is mainly for clips and masks are allowed for this session (1-2-1 available or 2 domme) miss jasmine jones will be joining me in the studio.
i have some more new clips being added on here soon.

Mar 14

Are you ready to bow down? My cam schedule is now 3 x a week here at glamworship , don't miss me . My phone line and facetime is now ON! Obey Samantha :-p
Lots of my clips are available on glamworship , so keep a eye on my store , lots of items being added like my massive strap on.

Feb 21

Im on cam NOW Losers! Come and Worship your GODDESS!

Jan 05

On cam this weekend freaks and the tributes are rolling in.

Nov 30

New clips added to My Videos store. Go buy them now dorks.

Oct 13

i know you've been missing me but i am off abroad for a week but i will be back on the friday night to punish you all ....

in the mean time , press that tribute button and pay for my beeps. how wet and excited it makes me to think some loser is paying my bill yet again . you know it's the only way you'll please me after all £££$$$

Oct 03